Saomao is a Cambodian based social enterprise seeking sustainable solutions to long-term problems of poverty by promoting social development through crafts and fair trade. Saomao was established with a sustainable development concept in mind in order to propose viable solutions to factors that might otherwise be ignored in favour of short-term benefits. Saomao provides employment and works to make a difference to the lives of Cambodian people by creating opportunities where people can use their skills to provide themselves and their families a liveable income. Saomao works alongside artisans, home based producers and suppliers of raw materials, to assist in  finding and  accessing markets for their quality products. as well as product  development and design,   renewable, recyclable and eco-friendly materials are used wherever possible. Saomao provides starter set up equipment and tools to all of its its silversmiths, who then maintain and build up on their equipment  as they become more successful in their work, Saomao is committed to the personal welfare and personal development of it workers. Saomao makes efforts to use the the economy as a vehicle that helps to reach the overall, collective, goal of reducing poverty and improving quality of life.


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