Saomao’s jewelry is innovative unique and unusual, specialising in traditional and contemporary hand made silver and brass jewellry  fusing the past with the present. Inspiration comes from the ancient bass reliefs and architecture of the Angkorian empire as well as the the bronze age culture of south East Asia where and bronze smithing started in the region from about 1000 to 1 BC.

Since that time a jeweller’s tools  have not changed that much.  Jewellers today would be hard pressed to replicate some of the jewellery made then even using some of the advanced the technology that is available to them today.

Saomao’s jewellers are not bound by the western limitations of time, the pace is slower, and in rural areas there is no rush, local customers are prepared to wait longer for a piece to be finished. Cambodian’s are generally patient people and dislike being pressurised, they like to work at their own pace and enjoy their craft. The pieces they create are intricate often taking hours to make, all of the patterns are hand punched, the holes hand drilled, and the filigree’s hand sawed. The quality and craftsmanship are reminiscent of days gone by. Saomao’s Jewellers unlike western jewellers have time to work on intricate and elaborate designs as well as simple pieces for you to admire and enjoy.

above: Photos from the jewellery of South east asia by Gloria Lannon

Below: saomao silver, email for prices (prices will be displayed soon site under construction)


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